Frequent Spring Sports Injuries and How We Can Help
Summer is a fun time for everyone; the sun starts coming out, and water or outdoor activities in is on everybody list along with sense of happiness is in the air.
We also love this time for all the sports, such as basketball, soccer, and baseball. Whether you participate in sports competitively or for recreation purposes, you need to be careful. You should take the necessary steps to avoid getting sports injuries that can have you out of commission for the whole of spring.

Common Spring Sports Injuries
Some injuries you can get from spring sports include:
Sprains and Strains
These injuries are quite common, regardless of the sport you engage in. This is because they are easy to get, and a simple misstep could end up in one of them. Strains occur when ligaments overstretch or tear, while sprains occur when tendons do the same.
The pain associated with sprains and strains is a lot, and the severity of the symptoms varies depending on how severe your injury is. Other symptoms can include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Loss of stability and mobility

Stress Fractures
Caused by repetitive impact, stress fractures are small breaks in the bones that carry most of your weight. They can be caused by running and jumping, and can even occur when you start working out or increase your activity level.
Stress fractures will resolve themselves with time and rest. You might experience a lot of pain and tenderness around the area, but it is nothing serious. See your doctor if the pain doesn’t subside in a couple of days.
Groin Pull
This injury is more common in soccer and basketball players. It occurs when the groin muscle is torn or overstretched. You might hear a pop or snap when it occurs, followed by excruciating pain. There are three degrees of groin pulls:

  • 1st degree: in this, you will experience mild pain but still have some strength and movement
  • 2nd degree: moderate pain with mild to moderate tissue damage and loss of strength
  • 3rd degree: severe pain with debilitating loss of function and strength.

Herniated Discs
Another common spring sports injury, herniated discs, occur when there is a tear in the discs separating the vertebra in your spine. The tear causes the cushioning fluid to leak out, causing a herniated disc.
This injury is common in contact sports, such as basketball, and also affects old golfers. The most significant symptoms you can feel include pain and a limited range of movement.

How We Can Help
At Doral Medical Center, we aim to get you better and back to your old self as fast as possible. We offer chiropractic care that will help relieve and alleviate any pain or discomfort you might get from spring sports injuries.
We can also align your spine properly, reducing the chances of you injuring yourself again in the future. Furthermore, we offer:

Offering Relief from Pain
Any injury can be painful, and the more severe your injury is, the more pain you have to endure. Sometimes regular pain medication just doesn’t cut it, but we are here to help. Our chiropractors have learned different techniques to ease your pain; you can even start feeling the effects after the first couple of sessions.

Healing Muscles and Ligaments
These two body features are essential in holding your spine in space. A misalignment of muscles and ligaments puts that at risk and is also painful. Our chiropractors can manipulate these parts and put them in their original position, helping you heal quickly.

Improving Your Range of Motion
Although you may not be able to get back to your former sporty self after only a few sessions, chiropractic care can improve your range of motion. Aligning the spine relieves the pressure on your nerves. It also reduces pinched nerves that can inhibit your range of motion, giving you more freedom to move around.

Why Choose Us
We do more than provide you relief from your spring sports injuries. We can help your whole body feel better and reduce inflammation all over. Our services are cost-effective and help you save a ton that you would otherwise spend on other medical expenses.
We are also drug-free and can suit our schedule to accommodate you. Our way of dealing with pain is more natural and will leave you feeling better than when you first walked in.
So, whenever you are in pain or just need to feel better, schedule an appointment with us, and we will take care of you. You will get relief from your injuries and return to your old, healthy self in no time.